Author, Tony Mead
There is never a rainbow without rain!
Yet another great read from historical adventure author Tony Mead! This is historical fiction with an eye to accuracy and detail - the sort of book you can actually learn from whilst enjoying a good story; where fictional characters blend seamlessly with real life historical ones. Very immersive and well written - a real page turner and exactly what I've come to expect from this author! Well done; keep them coming! DL- Skipton
Sea Dog’s Revenge A brilliant read. Interesting characters and themes with a brilliantly executed ending. A real gripping novel set at sea. I’ll be interested to dive into more of his work. WM- Bradford.
Fantastic read, not a book I would normally choose to read, but this was exciting, historical but accurate, a bit of romance. Interesting story with strong characters. Read as part of a reader book group. Looking  forward to the next book. Well done Tony. Shelf     Sea Dog’s Revenge. Format: Paperback Return To Angel Island. I enjoyed this maritime novel which involves two naval friends who have unfinished  business after resigning from the Royal Navy. They embark together on one more  sea-faring adventure in search of the legendary Captain Kidd's hidden treasure on a  volcanic isle. There are also romantic subplots to this novel for both of the main  protagonists.  Meantime, they have also received word that their former ship's captain has been  imprisoned on a Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles. They endeavour to free their  former captain whilst embarking on a perilous treasure trail.  This historical fiction novel is very well-researched and well-written.  Recommended
Format: Paperback Sea Dog’s Revenge You can tell from reading this story that the author knows the sea and has thoroughly researched the time period when writing this novel. It's a great 16th century tale, involving British royalty and sea captains. Captain Thomas Sladdin was devoted to Queen Elizabeth, willing to put his life at risk for his Queen & country. He could skillfully navigate the sea, but he was somewhat less experienced when it came to politics, dealing with Her Majesty's Secret Service and managing foreign affairs. I've read a lot of historical fiction novels of this period, and this skillfully-told tale is one of the best I've read.
The most intriguing, amazing writer! Thought his novels were not for me  as I have to read quite a lot of what is really not my thing,  but what a breath of fresh air. The way Tony writes, and the content of his books is enchanting.  PS ... I am not a relation, merely an avid reader Adele x
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